UPDATE 30th January 2019

New projects using carved lettering

Sycamore nut bowl FOR SALE £45.......Sycamore fruit bowl FOR SALE £55

please see furniture page for details

Shaker ash boxes FOR SALE. Please see furniture page.

Blue Chest of Drawers FOR SALE £275

This chest of drawers is my take on an original Shaker design. The balanced look is achieved by grading the drawer size - slightly larger each time, with an open space at the bottom instead of the fourth drawer.

It has a brown oak top and a base painted mid-blue (Hick's Blue). Brown oak is oak that has been attacked by beef-steak fungus. It is quite rare and is sought after by cabinet makers. The chest should sit happily in a living room or by a bed.

The size is 72cm high with a 50 cm wide by 38cm deep top.

The price is £275


Recent Projects

Harvest platter using spalted beech and Pears in an Oak Nut Bowl


SHOWN (and mostly sold) at the Hartest Art and Craft Market over the last two years

Coffee Table with oak top and blue base. Wild grain elm shelf with two drawers. Cricket Table with brown oak top. Shaker oval boxes.

Small Shaker style Wall Cabinet. Cricket table with oak top. Small limed oak shelf with two drawers. Danish style chest of drawers.

Please see the furniture page for prices and more information.